About Us

AROMANTIK is a natural perfume studio started in 2010 by independent natural perfumer & designer Sally Woodward-Hawes. All of our products are hand-blended in small batches using only the finest natural essential oils, natural isolates & absolutes sourced from all over the world. Sally is a professional perfumer with the Natural Perfumers Guild - the world's largest trade association dedicated to natural fragrance. She is also a signatory of the Perfumery Code of Ethics as developed by Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. 

"Although natural materials are expensive in comparison - there is nothing more awe-inspiring than working with materials that came from the earth - oils extracted from beautiful flowers, the wood & bark of trees, leaves, moss, aromatic herbs & roots. I believe in some way that these precious materials carry the story of all the people involved in their life cycle, of which I become a part when I blend them into perfume, and you become a part when you wear them. I love the challenge of working from a limited palette of only natural materials and this pushes me to be more creative in my work. I think fragrance is a powerful tool for creating memories and that your perfume should be a reflection of your own unique personality."

Sally's fragrances have been featured regularly in the media, in magazines such as Vogue, Style Magazine, Russh, Mamamia, Broadsheet, Beauticate, YouBeauty Podcast and many more. She has appeared on television and has been interviewed for magazines such as Wellbeing, PreventionNaturally Australia Magazine and interviewed on the 'What She Did Next' podcast.

Sally is also a professional Designer & Art Director and has spent many years working in the publishing industry, including on many of Australia's most celebrated and loved Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Magazines, and some of Australia's biggest brands. 

Her most loved role is that of a mother to her two young sons Arlo & Otis, who both have incredibly curious senses of smell and love to test out her latest creations, and to her husband Luke - a talented woodworker. 

AROMANTIK products are all hand blended by Sally on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia.

Please feel free email info@aromantik.com.au if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding our perfumes.