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Heaven in a bottle!! I found this natural perfume through a friend as I wanted a natural 'musk' perfume. I literally have had people stop me in the street asking me what I am wearing! It is unlike anything else on the market. Please don't stop making this x Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Miss L.
I'm in love with Dash Before Darkness My new favourite scent! So unique and rich but subtle at the same time. I am a soap maker, so I have smelt a multitude of essential oils and fragrance oils but this perfume is truly divine! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Dash Before Darkness Natural Perfume Oil Kylie C.
Cabinet of Curiosities I was attracted to the name of this perfume and the description was intriguing. I love deep, dark, mysterious scents and Cabinet of Curiosities does not disappoint. Of all the natural perfumes I have tried, this one is my favourite. Cabinet of Curiosities Natural Perfume Oil Patricia H.
Wonder scent This was recommended by Christine S and I wasn't disappointed and neither was my friend that I gifted a bottle to. The fragrance has many notes and the lovely little sample/freeby was much appreciated . Thank you Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Jacqui B.
The power of scent Reflecting the complex spirit of nature, in scent, is an art. Each blend is evocative, harmonious, subtle, and...beautiful! Natural Perfume Sampler Maryam A.
Dark Side of the Spoon I love this. What a delicious gourmand - toffee and maple syrup, sweet, but not over-sweet, with a touch of coffee to give it depth. I find this a rich, deep, comforting scent and it immediately became one of my staples. It seems to both soothe and energise at the same time and because it's a roll-on I can take it with me everywhere and apply whenever I crave it (which is often!). Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Roslyn G.
amazing I absolutely love the unique smells of Aromantik! The sampler was great value and it has lasted a long time considering. The scents are very gentle on my skin :) Natural Perfume Sampler Arantxa A.
Lovely A great selection. I highly recommend the range. Natural Perfume Sampler Frances L.
Love it My mother loved this sample pack as a Mother's Day present as she was after a completely natural scent. I gave the samples a try also and quickly found a fav. I find the scent lasts all day and I don't get the headaches I tend to get from 'normal' perfumes. Also loved the quick delivery and personalised postcard from Sally. Thank you! Natural Perfume Sampler Elissa T.
Love them Love the packaging. Great to try different fragrances before committing to a favourite. Natural Perfume Sampler Jennifer S.
AMAZING I got a free upgrade and the perfume is ENCHANTING! xxx Cabinet of Curiosities Natural Perfume Oil Zoe N.
Can't believe we have been strangers for this long Adore 'Strangers in Blood' just wish I had discovered this scent earlier. First one purchased, won't be the last Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Jasmine C.
Divine This fragrance is absolutely divine. Plus is addictive, I can't stop smelling myself and feeling so feminine and beautiful. Every time I smell, it brings a smile to my face and a sense of pure delight and joy! The Blossom Thief Natural Perfume Oil Daniela B.
Amazing products I have been buying this perfume since 2011. I still love it!! Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Amy W.
Stunning Scent!! I get so many comments about this. Its become my signature. I love the fact that it smells better than most commercial fragrances and there are no nasties in it. Its just beautiful!!! Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Alecia Nicole
Chuck out all your other perfumes These scents are subtle on your skin and last all day. Just beautiful. I'm an instant fan. Natural Perfume Sampler Belinda A.
Gorgeous thank you! Xox Gorgeous thank you! Xox Natural Perfume Sampler Jessica W.
Smells delicious! This perfume is everything I hoped it would be. Spicy, orange, chocolate vanilla. Gorgeous! I am looking forward to ordering a sample of all the scents when they are next available. Loved the hand written note in the package too. Big thanks! Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil clucas.cris
Sampler of Aromantik Natural Perfumes Absolutely gorgeous scents. My parcel took a while to get to me, but ever since I received them, I have been wearing a different scent each day. They are transporting, for the senses and the spirit! Natural Perfume Sampler Tricie M.
Amazing! ! ! I absolutely loved receiving my Aromantik Sampler pack!! With seven different scents its just like Christmas! They all smell devine, with a wide range of differences - too hard to pick a favourite. I love the thought of knowing they're 100% natural ingredients, and after switching to natural products a few years ago I am so happy I have found some amazing perfumes to endulge in. I highly recommend the sampler pack to find the perfect personal scent for yourself or even a gift for a friend or family member. Thank you Sally!! Xx Natural Perfume Sampler Josie H.
Lovely testers Loved the testers came really well packed and Ina lovely tin. Loved all the natural smells. Will be buying more. Natural Perfume Sampler Liesl K.
The Blossom Thief Such a unusual , wonderful unique scent , I was looking for a new travel perfume for my trip to Florence and I think I found the perfect one :) It smells like I've been spending my days in a mysterious garden filled with a rare mix of flowers ! The Blossom Thief Natural Perfume Oil Maryam A.
My new signature scent! Never have I been so intrigued by a scent before! Merchants of menance is a creative masterpiece that is alluring, mysterious and leaves me sneaking small sniffs of my wrists for the pure pleasure of it throughout the day. This wears well and smells unique on each individual. I urge you to be brave and try it. It seeks compliments everywhere I go. Merchants of Menace Natural Perfume oil Sally A.
Sampler Hi Sally, Had truly forgotten how amazing your Perfumes are. Love the Sample pack. Love them all! Only thing is will have to buy them all. Natural Perfume Sampler Kara D.
Great! I love this scent, and the packaging it comes in is really nice too. Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Lisa D.
Gorgeous Beautiful fragrances Natural Perfume Sampler Hannah S.
Intoxicating xxx This spicy pleasure has been my go to for many years. A faraway land of chocolate musk and peppermint puffs! Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Emily S.
FANTASTIC Perfumes !!! I have ordered 3 perfumes and got one extra - how nice was that ! The Blossom Thief: So nice like a garden full of flowers but not at all too heavy. Love and Strife: The most wearable day to day perfume I ever had. Somehow clean but also warm - I love it !!! Dash before Darkness: Oh my god --- this perfume makes me feel sooo attractive. This is my perfume not only for a night out but also when I want to lift up my mood. Sooo warm and earthy but not too heavy. Merchants of Menace: The combination of spearmint, lavender and cacao makes it unique !!! Another one I love on a day to day basis like Love and Strife. All 4 perfumes are extremely long lasting compared to any other competitive product on the market. I will soon order the rest of the perfumes - I cannot resist. Love & Strife Natural Perfume Oil Birgit H.
Beautiful perfume 100% happy with Beautiful perfume 100% happy with it! Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Lauren P.
Excellent Quality My package arrived beautifully wrapped with a personal message. Such a lovely way to receive a gift! xx Merchants of Menace Natural Perfume oil Claudia M.
AGAIN -- sooo nice perfumes Last week I received the final 3 Aromantik perfumes still missing in my collection. All 3 are so unique and smell like nothing I haver ever smelled before. (And I had a lot of the artificial niche perfumes in my "former life".) Strangers in Blood: This is one of my favourites now !!! So warm and dark in the beginning and then cooling a bit down. Love it. Dark Side of the Spoon: Yes, it is sweet but definitely not too sweet. Very charming and not too heavy. My girlfriends asked me about it..... Cabinet of Curiosities: While I would wear the other 2 perfumes more in the evenings or colder seasons, this one is perfect for me now. It is very wearable and calms down to a very clean and a bit green scent. All were more than worth to be bought !!!!! Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Birgit H.
Naturally Beautiful So nice to have alternative options to chemical laden perfumes. The smell is devine and doesn't irritate my skin or allergies. It was so nice to receive a sample of your newest smell which also smells awesome. Thank you! Dash Before Darkness Natural Perfume Oil Abbey T.
Gourmand Scent I was in the market for a good vanilla perfume and was very excited to find Aromantik. I had wanted to wait for the sample pack to be available but simply couldn't restrain myself and took the plunge based on the descriptions. It was a tough choice, I want 'em all! I'd say Dark Side of the Spoon is more coffee/maple-syrup/toffee than vanilla on me but then again that's what the description says, so it's pretty spot-on. Definitely very gourmand! Sally included a sample vial of Cabinet of Curiosities, which got me giddy with excitement. Now onto the Merchant of Menace or Dash Before Darkness or Strangers in Blood. God help me, I can't decide! Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Poppy I.
Yum! What a great way to experience the whole range of delicious perfume oils from Aromantik. A different scent for every day and mood! Then you can buy a larger bottle of your favourite. Natural Perfume Sampler Sue R.
The perfect way to find your signature scent I purchased the sampler so I could choose my next favourite natural scent to complement the beautiful "Dash before Darkness". Hard to choose but I think that will be The Blossom Thief which is overflowing with white blooms and just gorgeous. Be quick if you want to buy your own sampler set, they seem to sell out fast! Natural Perfume Sampler Leonie P.
Smells amazing. Perfect for Summer! My favourite time of the year is spring and summer when the citrus trees bloom which has been captured in in this product providing an uplifting sweet and fresh scent. The Blossom Thief Natural Perfume Oil Daniel G.
  The Blossom Thief is a gorgeous scent that smells like a Jasmine bush heavy in bloom. It has great staying power and is especially lovely for the evening. The Blossom Thief Natural Perfume Oil Rachel B.
Beautifully packaged & smell divine I love these scents and supporting local creators is a bonus. Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Niki M.
Nuzzle worthy This might be my favourite smell in the world. Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Jess B.
Deeply Delicious Already a huge fan of Merchants of Menace (never in my life have I received so many compliments on a fragrance) I was interested to take things in a different direction with Dark Side of the Spoon. One of the most intriguing things about Aromantik natural perfumes is how personal they smell. They're close wearing and morph as the day goes on and the skin warms. This is particularly the case for Dark Side of the Spoon which for me opens with a striking bold coffee note and develops a deep, rich, delicious caramel tone with wear. This is not your traditional saccharine, fill the room gourmand perfume. Though it is certainly one that others will notice it is not heady but rather a steady presence. It's characteristics are true to form - this is not so much an interpretation of coffee and caramel but an actual coffee, caramel scent. This somehow enables the fragrance to be rich and deep yet clean and not cloying. I am a heart and soul devotee of Aromantik's complex and unique natural perfumes. They are a pleasure to wear, a delight to discuss (because passers by will most certainly be keen to know what you're wearing) and bring great joy to my morning routine. I will most certainly be trying others. Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Louisa M.
Another Delicious Scent Normally I use Merchants of Menace (which is deep, dark and delicious). When I went online to re-purchase I noticed that Dark Side of the Spoon was on sale, and what better excuse to try a new scent from an amazing perfumer? The scent is as described, and although completely different to Merchants of Menace is equally beautiful to wear. I'm certain I would love anything from the Aromantik range. Thank you for the Before Darkness sample included with my order, I will be purchasing this one next for sure. xx Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Michelle M.
A delicious experience in a bottle If you love musk lollies this is a must have! Drys down to a soft powdery finish that lingers in a gentle way. I wasn't sure about this one but oh my gosh am I in love. Dash Before Darkness Natural Perfume Oil Sally A.
Paradise in a bottle! This gem is divine to wear and I have received three compliments on my first day of wearing it. I was worried that it would be too " Beachy" for my liking but the gorgeous florals make this an incredibly sophisticated scent in a delicate way. I find the scent changes and develops on my skin and I love the journey and depth of different notes. An amazing creation that I imagine will smell unique on everyone. Can not recommend enough and will be wearing well past summer because it is simply beautiful. Tropique Narcotique Natural Perfume Oil Sally andt
Long Awaited... Have confidence in the description and close your eyes for a warm tropical night! Alluring and feminine, this is a delightful floral assault. I like the roll on applicator but remember to pack it in your handbag as you may need to reapply before evening. Don't tell your friends... Tropique Narcotique Natural Perfume Oil Emily S.
Intense and seductive I have purchased Love& Strife a second time now. It is very intense, almost intoxicating when first applied but develops into a multi-layered, very sensual smell, that lingers on. Love to wear it in the evenings and when going out. A very attractive and attracting perfume. Love & Strife Natural Perfume Oil Ulrika
Beautiful powerful scent. Beautiful powerful scent. Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Cathy D.
Dark side of the spoon I'm sad to say that this is my least fave of all the fragrance oil from aromantik. The scent is delicious and has all the yummy notes that the description promises but my problem is that I can barely smell it. I don't know if I got a bad batch or if my skin just absorbs this fragrance immediately but I have never ever had a problem with any others. ( currently rotating my two faves: tropique narcotique and merchants of menace ). In fact I have been so impressed with and recommended the others because of their staying power and silliage which is rare with natural perfume. Sally do you know why dark side didn't work for me? Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Sally A.
Delicious! This is my favourite fragrance for the cooler months. It smells so yummy I could almost eat it! Also knowing that Aromantik perfumes don't have all the nasties that regular fragrances have makes it all the better x Aromantik is always my go to for perfume :) Dark Side of the Spoon Natural Perfume Oil Emma P.
Seductive and classy This is perfect for me during colder weather. Deeply sensual, sophisticated and classy/mature, but so unusual. Dash Before Darkness Natural Perfume Oil Ulrika
So lovely I am adoring working my way through this beautiful range, so far my favourite is love and strife - it is sublime xxxx Natural Perfume Sampler Renee W.
Oh my god I love Oh my god I love this amazing scent and it's even better in a spray!!! Please make your other perfumes in a spray too please!!! Love it. Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Mara G.
Exquisite Really lovely fragrances. Masterfully blended. Delicate and long wearing. I am extremely happy to have found Aromantik. Though I haven't yet found a favourite. Will order as soon as I have found one or two or three ;) Natural Perfume Sampler Ms j.
Gorgeous samples!! Gorgeous samples!! Natural Perfume Sampler Kathryn S.
Convenient spray applicator I love it! Such a beautiful fragrance. The spray applicator is very convenient. By the Badlands is such a great fragrance too, would you consider a spray applicator for it and your other scents? I would definitely stock up on them if you did. Merchants of Menace Natural Eau de Parfum Spray Lauren G.
Bless This Tress I'm so in love with this product. Perfect for those in between wash days to freshen up and smells like summer in a bottle! It's a gentle scent , not overpowering and I recommend for anyone who is a creamy coconut lover. Bless This Tress Natural Hair Perfume Sally A.
Spray bottle option?? The scent is great! Would you consider a spray bottle option? By the Badlands Natural Perfume Oil Lauren G.
Love! Delicious! I wish you hadn't sold out of the others!! Dash Before Darkness Natural Eau de Parfum Lauren G.
merchants of menace and dash before darkness perfume oils Just beautiful. Sally's products are just amazing! Merchants of Menace Natural Perfume Oil Susan O.
Love! Such great scents. Still trying to find my favourite :) Natural Perfume Sampler - Floral Collection Emily H.
Strangers In Blood spray bottle I love the convenience of the spray bottle. The fragrance is absolutely devine! I'll be stocking up on this one. Strangers In Blood Natural Eau de Parfum Lauren G.
beautiful natural fragances Loved the beautiful, lingering fragrances especially knowing that they were free of chemicals and alcohol Natural Perfume Sampler - Floral Collection Suzanne F.
Love it! Smells amazing, love them! Dash Before Darkness Natural Eau de Parfum Daniel G.
Curiosities I love the cabinet of curiosities perfume oil. So handy in the roll on too Cabinet of Curiosities Natural Perfume Oil Justine J.
Floral Sample They all smell great. Now I have to choose which one....or all ! Natural Perfume Sampler - Floral Collection Nicala P.
Love! I received this as a gift and it has been the best addition to my skin care regime. I need a deep moisturiser which is not heavy, and this fits the bill. Great on my large collection of tattoos as well; I find that thick moisturisers irritate the ink. Thank you!! Rosewater Revolution Hydration Gel Sarah Crawford
Ordered samples and they are Ordered samples and they are awesome just ordered full bottle By the Badlands Natural Perfume Oil Johngeorge C.
Simply beautiful. Simply beautiful. Strangers In Blood Natural Perfume Oil Kate M.
The Blossom Theif This is my absolute favorite perfume! The Blossom Thief Natural Perfume Oil Jasmine B.
Fantastic scent- a citrus based Fantastic scent- a citrus based scent that lasts for the day. Happily Ever Afternoon Natural Perfume Oil Suzanne K.
By the Badlands My man's new smell! Is it bad that I think he is 10 times sexier when he wears it? By the Badlands Natural Eau de Parfum Lauren G.
Seductive Summer There's something very seductive about this coconutty scent that's hard to put my finger on. If balmy tropical summer nights are your vibe, this scent is for you ! Happily Ever Afternoon Natural Perfume Oil Niki M.