Usage information

All our perfumes are handcrafted in small artisan sized batches using only 100% natural fragrance materials (essential oils, absolutes & CO2 extracts from flowers, blossoms, fruits, leaves, twigs, resins, roots & bark). They are FREE from animal-derived or synthetic musk, synthetic fragrances, phthalates & parabens. We do not test on animals.

IMPORTANT: Always patch test before use and in the rare event irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Not recommended for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or serious illness due to the high concentration of natural essential oils used. If necessary, consult a health professional before use. Do not apply your perfume to skin that will be applied to sun or UV rays within 24 hours. 

Some natural sediment is normal. If your perfume has any sediment please shake well before use to evenly disperse the materials.

Our natural perfume oils and eau de parfums are best used with 12-18 months. Any water-based product should be used within 12 months. Always store in a cool, dark place away from children. Aromantik assumes no responsibility or liability for any conditions or reactions that may arise from the direct or indirect use of any of our products. Safe & proper use is the sole responsibility of the user.