Custom Fragrance Design

At Aromantik we offer two kinds of custom fragrance design. The first is for the discerning perfume lover or collector who wants his or her own 'signature' natural fragrance. Our chief perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes will work with you over 6-8 weeks using her extensive library of natural materials and product knowledge to create your very own signature fragrance. You will receive your custom perfume in a 10ml Miron Glass roll-on bottle. Prices for creation of a personal custom fragrance start at $350. 

The second kind of custom fragrance design is directed at brands. In today's marketplace a custom fragrance can set you apart from your competition. Our chief perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes will work with you to create an 'olfactory brand signature' made from 100% natural essential oils, extracts and absolutes. A few examples of businesses that could benefit from this kind of luxury bespoke service include:

  • Clients in or entering the natural skin care industry wanting to add a custom scent to their products
  • Luxury spas wanting to create a natural fragrance for massage oils or diffusers
  • Fashion & jewellery labels wanting to create a custom fragrance to complement a particular piece or collection

Prices for creation of a custom brand fragrance start at $1500. 

We'd love to discuss your ideas for a custom fragrance. Email us at for more information.