Who is Aromantik? 


AROMANTIK is the niche perfume label of independent natural perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes. Every single part of the perfume process is done by Sally - from initial concept, sourcing of raw materials, formula creation, sampling & perfume formulation, design of all packaging, marketing materials & website, and filling of orders/customer service. 


AROMANTIK is truly a unique, artisan business. Every single perfume & sample vial is blended, poured, packaged and labelled individually by hand in very small batches. By purchasing an AROMANTIK product you are supporting a truly independent creative business working hard to rekindle the interest in natural artisan perfumery & fine handcrafted goods.


Where is AROMANTIK based? 


AROMANTIK products are all made in the beachside suburb of Manly in Sydney Australia. At this stage AROMANTIK perfumes are available for purchase online and at a number of select retailers.




What is natural perfume and how is it different to 'normal' perfume? 


Natural perfume is a field of perfumery that restricts its palette to only 100% natural materials. These are made up of essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts from flowers, blossoms, fruits, leaves, twigs, resins, roots, & bark. These materials are converted from the raw botanical material into a natural perfume ingredient using processes such as maceration or extraction, distillation, expression or enfleurage. 


Most commercially available perfumes today are full of synthetic perfume materials, which are created in a lab mainly from petroleum sources. There are many concerns over the prolific use of synthetic perfume materials and some have been linked to cancer and other serious health issues. Many well-known fragrance companies use clever marketing to convince consumers that their perfume is natural, when it is really a mix of aroma chemicals.


At AROMANTIK we strive to use 100% natural fragrance materials that are well-researched, sourced from reputable suppliers, at levels that are safe for skin use. 


Why do you use only natural perfume materials? 


Although natural materials are expensive in comparison - there is nothing more awe-inspiring than working with materials that came from the earth - oils extracted from beautiful flowers, the wood & bark of trees, leaves, moss, aromatic herbs & roots. We believe in some way that these precious materials carry the story of all the people involved in their life cycle, of which we become a part when we blend them into perfume, and you become a part when you wear them. 


It is important to say that we are not necessarily against the use of synthetic materials in perfumery, but we made a decision early on in our training to only work with natural materials. We adore the history of natural aromatics and their romance, but also love the challenge that comes along with creating perfumes from such a limited palette - pushing us to be more creative.  


How should I use my Aromantik perfume?


We have created our perfumes in bottles that can be carried easily in a handbag and re-applied when necessary. Natural perfumes do not last as long on the skin as their synthetic counterparts. They wear closer to the skin, mingling with your own unique skin chemistry, and overall allow a more intimate perfume experience for the wearer. To prolong the scent you can also apply a small amount on your fingers and run through your hair or on a ribbon or a scarf. Take care not to use on delicate or light fabrics and as with all perfumes care must be taken when wearing plated jewellery.


What is the concentration of the perfume oils? 


The perfume oil roll-ons are very concentrated and contain between 15-30% natural aromatic compounds in a natural oil base. The eau de parfum sprays are slightly less concentrated at around 10-15% concentration. 


There is some sediment in my perfume oil - is this normal? 


Yes - some of the natural oils & absolutes we use are not completely 'oil-soluble'. Simply shake well before use to disperse the ingredients.


Why are some batches of the same perfume oil a different colour? 


Natural perfumery is a bit like winemaking in some ways - each batch or 'vintage' has it's own slight intricacies that make it unique. Working with natural materials means that no two batches of the same essential oil are exactly the same. This can be caused by a number of factors, including the season or growing conditions (weather, precipitation, sun etc), or changes in harvesting or distillation techniques. Sometimes the colour of the oils will vary, and sometimes the scent will vary (although usually not enough that you will notice it in our end product!).


Are all your perfumes 100% natural? 


All our perfumes are made using 100% natural blends of fragrance materials. They are FREE from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and parabens. The natural perfume oils are blended into an all natural base of fractionated coconut oil.


The water-based eau de parfum (Merchants of Menace) is 100% natural fragrance in a blend of water, denatured alcohol & vegetable derived glycerine. It also contains a natural preservative - Naticide(TM) that must be listed as 'parfum'.


Why is my 'Merchants of Menace' eau de parfum milky? 


The milky appearance is completely normal. Merchants of Menace is a 'water-based' perfume, blended with alcohol & glycerine. It is for this reason that it needs to be shaken before each use.


Do you use animal-derived or synthetic musk? 


Never! Musk is originally derived from the Musk Deer and is now banned due to the protection of the animal. Most 'musk' now used in perfumes is synthetic and many of these chemicals are the subject of investigation and debate regarding their safety. We use neither animal nor synthetic musk in our perfumes. When you see 'musk' listed as a note in our perfumes we are referring to a combination of 100% natural essential oils and/or absolutes that blend together to create a 'natural musk' accord. We also use ambrette seed in some of our perfumes, which is sometimes referred to as 'nature's musk' for it's musk-like aroma.


Live long and prosper! 


To ensure a long life for your AROMANTIK perfume please store in a cool, dark place away from children. Always ensure that no water enters the perfume bottle. The perfume oils are best used within 12-18 months. The Natural Eau de Parfum Sprays (Merchants of Menace) are best used within 12 months of opening. 




As with all products that will be used on your skin it is wise to do a patch test prior to use - no one knows how your skin will react to any product, natural or not. In the rare event of any irritation wash the skin and discontinue use immediately. Some essential oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or serious illness and any perfume containing citrus oil should not be applied to skin that will be exposed to sun or uv rays over the following 24 hours. If necessary, please consult a health professional before use.




Are your products suitable for vegans?


All the perfume oils with the exception of 'Strangers In Blood', 'Happily Ever Afternoon' and 'Dark Side of the Spoon' are suitable for vegans. These 3 perfumes contain a small amount of natural butter extract. 


Do you test on animals?


We never test any of our products on animals.


Got a question not answered here?


Please email Sally directly on info@aromantik.com.au.