Reviews & Testimonials

Peppermint magazine, Autumn 2012

"Nothing is worse than cheap perfume that smells like carpet in a bar after closing. Aromantik is literally a beautiful breath of fresh air, hand made by perfumer Sally Woodward-Hawes in her workshop in Manly, on Sydney’s northern beaches. With titles such as Strangers in Blood, Landlocked Lovers and Happily Ever Afternoon, her scents are both subtle and intoxicating and packaged with beautiful simplicity, and most importantly, are a great fit in your handbag. My favourite at the moment is her latest edition, Dark Side of the Spoon: it’s sweet, spicy, and a delectable treat for the skin".

"I am totes in love with AROMANTIK's Strangers In Blood artisan perfume"

“Merchants of Menace was not only my wedding scent but has now become my daily signature!” Online customer

“Dark Side of the Spoon smells exactly as described on the website. It’s like a freshly baked cookie you just want to eat! It has a delicious toffee scent, which morphs into a beautiful coffee aroma, and then finishes and has a lingering touch of maple syrup. It just seems to get better over time as well! It’s so delicious!” Online customer

"I was given the 'Dark side of the spoon' roll-on perfume and absolutely love it!" Online customer

“Thanks Sally for making such unique and special perfumes. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and I can’t recommend your beautiful products enough!” Online customer

"I am completely in love with Cabinet of Curiosities! It has a subtle musk that ends smelling grassy, fresh and clean, with a hint of warm vanilla. It is extremely unique and sexy and I find it makes me feel like an absolute goddess when I walk out the door wearing it. LOVE IT!!!” Online customer

"These fragrances are seriously like a photo album for the nose! Thanks for creating something so exotically awesome while keeping it natural!” Online customer

I'm so pleased that I've found an innovative brand that nurtures natural fragrances! Online customer

My order just are amazing...your scents are amazing. How am I meant to choose just one?” Customer comment via Facebook

“Awwww, gosh: just got my perfumes in the post yesterday. These are incredible! So exceeded my expectations! I have a serious new addiction!!!”  Customer comment via Facebook

"It reminds me of those fresh, summer scents I used to wear when I was seventeen, like Tommy Girl and Babydoll (but the notes in this are far more interesting!) Having said that, it would still be a sweet addition to a fragrance wardrobe. I could see myself wearing this on a beach holiday, in the height of summer, or when I need a little scent of sunshine!"

Merchants of Menace EDP Spray, Beauty Buy of the Week, the y diary
"At first we found this scent way too strong & masculine, but then we tried it again and let it settle for about 20 minutes and couldn’t believe how beautiful & interesting it was! It is a true musk with a little bit of bite. One of the most unique perfumes we have ever tried, it reminds us a little of the original Prada scent which is bounding with layers of patchouli and mysterious moss. It is not overly feminine but is incredibly sophisticated on women. Best thing about it is you can share it with the boys. A real winner!"

Happily Ever AfterNoon perfume oil - favourably reviewed by 'Girl with the Curious Nose', 06/04/2011
 "Aromantik describes Happily Ever Afternoon as "sunshine in a bottle" and I couldn't agree more. It's bursting with golden light, one could not wear this fragrance without closing their eyes and imagining the sun on their face. The mixture of sweetened lemon and frangipani blossoms is intoxicating. There's a slight heaviness to the flowers, a touch of skin sweating under the sun's heat and a creamy base."

Merchants of Menace EDT Spray, beautifully reviewed 11/03/2011 by the belle lumiere
"I have since discovered my Autumn fragrance for this year... On me, the fragrance smells like an adult version of musk stick lollies. And it is divine. As the fragrance contains natural oils, it will warm up to your own skin chemistry and has the potential to create a smell that is unique to you. The lifespan of the scent was pretty good, it lasts quite well throughout the working day and I was actually stopped twice on my way home from work one evening to be asked my two different women what perfume I was wearing. For me, that speaks volumes about the product."

Love & Strife perfume oil - a great review by 'Girl with the Curious Nose', 11/03/2011
"I find myself falling into the billowing depths of Love & Strife. There's something intoxicating about it - romance here is heady and lusty... There's a wonderful powdery, earthy smell lurking in this fragrance, the inclusion of Orris root prevents the rose and jasmine from veering towards the 'tradtional' floral category... Overall this scent is wonderfully crafted, perfectly blended and just a pleasure to wear."