• Today I am going to talk a little bit about the difference between the perfume oil roll-ons and the perfume oil sprays as I am often asked this question by customers.  The perfume oil 5ml roll-on and the 15ml spray are the exact same formulation, in the exact same fractionated coconut oil... View Post
  • Candles for Christmas

    A couple of months back I decided to add a small range of natural soy wax candles to our product range. They have been very popular for Xmas gifts as people just seem to love scented candles! I was really torn deciding whether to stick with only 100% natural fragrance in the candles, or diver... View Post
  • Sample packs

    I love sample packs. I am regularly ordering sample packs from my favourite niche perfumers whenever they release a new scent, or a new collection. My office is filled with those little glass sample vials.  Having said that, sample packs are one of the most tedious parts of running an o... View Post