Sample packs

I love sample packs. I am regularly ordering sample packs from my favourite niche perfumers whenever they release a new scent, or a new collection. My office is filled with those little glass sample vials. 

Having said that, sample packs are one of the most tedious parts of running an online perfume business. It literally takes hours to fill those little sample vials & package the sample packs and at the end of the day they don't generate much money. However, they are a necessary part of running an online perfume business - most people want to smell and wear a perfume on their skin before they commit to a full bottle purchase. In an ideal world I'd love to be able to give out my sample packs gratis, but with a small business it just isn't feasible. In the meantime I am always trying to make the sample packs as beautiful and thoughtful as possible, so people who purchase or receive one really get a feel for the AROMANTIK brand.    

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