Candles for Christmas

A couple of months back I decided to add a small range of natural soy wax candles to our product range. They have been very popular for Xmas gifts as people just seem to love scented candles! I was really torn deciding whether to stick with only 100% natural fragrance in the candles, or diversify into the world of artificially fragranced candles. In the end I came to a compromise and decided to offer 3 candles which were 100% natural (fragranced with only pure essential oils) - lemongrass, rose geranium, and lavender, and 1 candle scented with a very high quality fragrance oil in a vegetable oil base - vanilla orchid. I think it's so important to be transparent about what's in your products. Alot of the soy wax candles on the market today are marketed as 'all natural' but are scented with synthetic fragrance oil.